Taylor Waterstoves® of WNC
Taylor Waterstoves® of WNC

Taylor Waterstove Advantages

  • No wood to carry in and no messy ashes to carry out
  • No smoke smell or dusty wood ash in your home
  • Water heat does not dry out your sinuses
  • No inside oxygen is used to fuel the heat unlike other wood or gas-burning units... Exhaust gases make two complete passes through the Waterstove®
  • No fire hazard in your home - lower insurance costs
  • Burns only half as much wood as an indoor wood stove
  • Large, easy-open door allows simple loading of big, unsplit logs
  • In the summertime, load just once or twice per week for all domestic hot water uses
  • Place unit as close as 2 ft. from the house or as far away as you like... Wherever is more convenient for you (nearest your wood source)
  • Unlike other units, a Taylor Waterstove® provides a stainless steel flue pipe system and stainless insulated stack as standard equipment... and the Double-Pass Flue transfers more heat into your water
  • Water tank is completely insulated and seams are sealed with Posi-Sealed Urethane Insulation
  • 6-year warranties on the T450 and T750 units


...Plus many, many more enjoyable, practical advantages!!


The Long Burn-Time and "Posi-Seal" Advantage

While all brands claim a 12-to-24 hour burn for each load of wood, the Taylor Waterstove® will provide for a minimum of 12 hours of burn even with our smallest unit.


"Posi-Seal" seamless insulation around the tank and on the door keeps more heat in. Hot water is then pumped through an insulated pipe to a heat exchanger unit located in your heating duct work, or through an existing hot water system or baseboard water unit and through a separate line to your hot water tank for domestic hot water.

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